Are the fossils you work on genuine?
The fossil finds that I work on are original certified examples.

Do you search for fossils yourself?
I certainly enjoy searching for fossils but unfortunately due to my work, I don’t have a lot of time. However I do manage to find, at least, a couple of weeks “vacation” to search for them myself…

Where do you get your fossils from?
Most fossils that I work on are from certified dealers at fossil trade fairs, exhibitions mine and quarry owners whom I have known for a long time. I also purchase from private collections… as well as using my own fossil finds...

Is it legal?
Fossils used in my work not only have authenticity certificates but are also legal. Certain fossil finds are required to be registered by law, some of which are subject to cultural and historical preservation orders and are not allowed to be taken out of their respective countries.

Do you have a favorite fossil?
The ammonite is by far my favorite fossil. There are around 1500 species of age, size, form and color. Each object is fascinating, extremely aesthetic and unique!

Do Ammonites still exist?
Ammonites died out around 65 million years ago most likely due to a major meteorite impact. The only survivor of this species is the nautilus which still roam the Indian Ocean. Their biggest threat is due to human activities.

Are there fossils from German finds?
Germany is renowned for exceptional fossil finds. Naturally I often use them for wall sculptures and other creations. However fossilized remains can be found worldwide and I have excellent contacts to sites in Madagascar, France, Brazil, Russia, The Czech Republic, England, Canada and the USA.

How old are the fossils?
The majority of these fossils stem from the heyday of evolution with enormous diversity primarily during the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods, around 100 to 200 million years ago.

How did you first get involved with fossils?
Whilst travelling through the Moroccan Sahara, I found my very first ammonite in sand dunes and became immediately fascinated by actually holding a fossilized piece of the Earth’s geological history in my hands.

What fascinates you most of all about the fossils?
Each fossilization is a “snapshot” of a period in evolution, individual, unique, diverse and millions of years old. Each fossil a once living creature from an earlier distant epoch.

How long have you been working in this field of fossils, art and sculpture?
My first sculpture created was in 1989, during the following years wall and other sculptures were created. Das Ammoniten Projekt was realized in 1996 and further conceptual art projects followed…

Do you do all the work yourself?
All of my designs and creations stem from my own ideas but from time to time assistants help me when necessary and sometimes professional help is needed, for example with bronze castings. Often finished objects are to too heavy to be moved alone... Helping hands are always welcome!

What kind of training have you had?
I am a trained dental technician and naturally drawn toward fine precision work.
Such organic individual forms and peculiarities are not only to be found in teeth but throughout the whole spectrum of nature, thus naturally in fossils.
I have taught myself the artistic side of things through further training in metal design, woodwork and as a goldsmith also serving an apprenticeship as a stone mason.
Equipped with this “basic training” alongside my artistic work I have an increasing amount of dinosaur preparation work on a freelance basis. These are largely finds from the Swabian mountains including most recently work on 3 T-Rex.

Do you also take on commissioned work from customers?
Naturally I am happy to undertake commissioned work. Here, of course, customer’s wishes can be fulfilled and together we work out the right artwork for the fossil find. Materials such as olive wood, slate, sandstone and various metals are abundantly at hand.
Of course, not only are the customer’s own finds can be transformed into works of art – but also “sensational cellar finds” or…

Where do you exhibit?
Since 1989, I have been exhibiting worldwide in galleries, at fairs and special museum exhibitions, in churches and at home – in my showroom. Multiple activities as curator of exhibitions.

Do you have business premises where we can view your artwork and work in progress?
You are welcome to drop by the workshop, visitors can admire the studio, show room and garden and gaze at the various sculptures on show and work in progress can also be observed.

Coffee and sparkling wine awaits you. Feel welcome!

Do you also have sculptures for the garden?
The majority of my high grade fossils are unfortunately not weather-proof, however I have cast some suitable fossils in bronze. These pieces, as part of a sandstone sculpture, or framed and installed into a wall are able to withstand frost and heat and thus ideal for the garden. I have constructed sculptures with robinia wood and olive wood, some of which are in open parks and private gardens..

Can I rent or borrow your art objects?
Naturally it is possible to rent various art objects for private, company or hotel premises for an agreed period of time. Their unique character, with real fossils, ensure an exceptionally individual atmosphere bringing a highly aesthetic flair to your living or working surroundings.
It is always a pleasure to compile an individual collection according to customer wishes.
They are then delivered, arranged, fitted or hung according to customer wishes later depending on arrangements made, collected and replaced with other sculptures if desired.