Fossil art - Modern wall sculptures with fossils 

-Millions of years embedded in contemporary wall art and wall objects

The artist, sculptor and craftsman Hendrik Hackl has been working with ammonites and other fossil finds since 1989. His first wall sculpture was created in 1991 after his early jewelry and other free standing objects, steles and hand crafted objects. For this work he used an ammonite found in Germany, MDF (medium density fiber board), aluminum and acrylic paint.


Space - Ammoniten - wall art - fossil art

Wall art with fossils
SPACE - Wall sculpture - 60 x 80 cm - ammonites, acrylic paint, aluminium, mdf

The new wall sculptures seem to meet the public taste and the artist has since continued to experiment further. Ever increasing variations of new wall sculptures and wall reliefs emerge. 

Wall sculpture - Fossil art

Wall art with fossils
ATTEMPT TO EXPLAIN - Wall sculpture - 80 x 80 cm - Ammonites, aluminium, slate, steel frame

Hackl begins replacing MDF, which is similar to wood, with the world famous Posidonian slate from the Swabian Alp. Matching, purpose built iron frames surround the fossiliferous rock, into which the artist inserts various materials (in order) to evoke tales of the time before Adam and Eve with his works.

Bucklands Wings - wall sculpture - Fossil art
Wall art with fossils -
BUCKLAND'S WINGS - Wall sculpture - 60 x 180 cm - ammonite, olive wood

Combinations with olive wood and ammonites are created, a fossilized fish is simply “tinnned” – 3 dimensional wall sculptures totally without slate or other supporting elements.

Wall sculpture with fossil fish - Fossil art
Wall art with fossils
DATE EXPIRED 1/5 - wall sculpture - 55 x 35 cm - fossilized fish, iron, petrified tomato sauce.

 More wall art with fossils, newest and older wall objects, wall reliefs and wallsculptures with fossils and illions of years you will find at the galleries and in the shop.